The other day I asked a few of the guys at my local gym why they keep coming back.

The responses were mixed, but a few frequent themes popped up:

  1. Convenience
  2. The crew they exercised with, and
  3. The ‘positive vibe’ of our gym

Yes, these are all valid points, and I wholeheartedly agree.  But I still felt compelled to dig deeper to understand what drives real gym loyalty?

So I turned to our mates at Ezypay, whom I personally believe are one of the most reliable organisations in the fitness industry for  in-depth research into Australian consumer behaviours. Their recent study of 11,000 Australian gym members reveals that gym loyalty boils down to precisely the same factor as real estate sales;

location, location, location!


Image via Ezypay.

Is Location the #1 reason you continue to stay loyal to your gym?   Please leave your reply below, I’d love to hear your personal view.

  1. My reason is staff both professional and engaging. In saying that I have recently decided that because I exercise outside of the gym 3 times per week with boxing training and boot camp, I would prefer to just attend the class which suits my schedule and work commitments as a casual member without a membership at any gym.

    1. Thanks Kelly. Good to see you have found something that suits……..what’s Brad up to?

    1. Thanks for your reply Ken. Must catch up again soon. Are you still going?

  2. Good equipment and good staff are the essentials, all the others stuff flows from here.

    1. Hard not to agree with that Rob. How is your shoulder going?

  3. Location is great! Cleanliness next. Having a personal trainer on hand.

  4. Location
    Friendly staff
    Value for money

    1. Thanks Karin…..a good list there. How is your new gym membership going?

  5. The right equipment. I stick with my gym because I have some equipment that isn’t always available in commercial gyms:

    1.) 6 Power Racks – Never have to wait.
    2.) Olympic Platform – I can deadlift and drop the weight, no rules against it like at many gyms.
    3.) Full-length basketball court to warm up/cool down. I’ve actually gotten not-terrible at basketball!
    4.) Indoor track for sprints
    5.) Boxes for box jumps, weighted sled for pulling, punching bag, etc. These aren’t the reason I go there, but I like to use them anyways.

    Their rates are reasonable for the area. I have gone to “lesser” gyms that charged more, so I feel like I have a keeper!

    1. Thanks Kyle……good points and I can see why you would like some of those things on your wish list 🙂

  6. Overall atmosphere / friendly staff members!

  7. No, for me it’s atmosphere, value for money, professional staff and working out with your mates 🙂

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