The world of employment is constantly changing and so are the opportunities in health and fitness.

Forty years ago a University Degree lasted for most of your working life but these days by the time you have finished your studies what you have learnt is almost out of date.

But one thing stands out as we become more technologically advanced; we find most of our careers are bringing us into a far more sedentary lifestyle. We spend most of the day sitting at work then come home to sit all night watching TV or using our computers or smartphones.

This form of “progress” has created a huge raft of opportunities.

And the result is, more and more people are finding they have to make a more concerted effort to get fit just maintain even a basic level of health and fitness.

That’s why we have seen such a proliferation of gyms and fitness centres in our global landscape over the past few years.

And out of this change, a new trend in careers has emerged; that of the personal fitness trainer.

The Emergence of the Personal Fitness Training Career and the Future Proof Job

According to a recent report entitled “The Future of Work – How Can We Adapt to Survive and Thrive,” Deloitte Chartered Accountants stated, “Two-thirds of those with less than five years’ experience (early-career Australians) expect that their job will not exist, or will fundamentally change, in the next 15 years. If they are correct, this means that there is likely to be a period of transition. Many will have to reskill, retrain or change jobs.”

But one thing is clear – the personal fitness training career has emerged as one of the most stable jobs for all those people looking to start a new and rewarding health and fitness business.

To back this up, you only need to look at the raging obesity epidemic sweeping across the world coupled with the huge rise in lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The report also predicts, not only is it a career which is financially rewarding but also one that can be very fulfilling personally and with so many different opportunities.

People who choose to enter into this type of face-to-face work will place themselves in one of the most respected and sought after jobs of the next decade. You’ll get to work with people from all walks of life and have a career benefiting you as much as your clients every time you go to work.

So if you’re looking for a career that gives you flexibility and allows you to interact closely with people then becoming a personal trainer may well be the right career path for you.

Fitness Trends – Finding Your Own Fitness Specialty

You’ll quickly learn that when it comes to fitness training there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.
There are many paths for you to choose from to become a Master Trainer. You can focus entirely on physical fitness or you can choose to specialize in specific areas of the fitness spectrum.

As a specialist you will develop additional skills to enhance your training sessions with your clients and you will become more sought after as a personal trainer.

There are a wide range of specialties you can choose from including nutrition, massage therapy, corporate fitness for busy business executives, bodyweight training, functional fitness, fitness over 50 or outdoor exercises like bootcamps.

These are only a few of your many possibilities. Find something you love doing and go for it!

It’s important to keep in mind while training other people is a very promising career, it is also very competitive – specializing will help you to stand out as a trainer who has a little something extra to offer and that can become your point of difference.

Fitness Trends – Choose Your Fitness Niche Carefully

You also need to give careful consideration when choosing your niche in the fitness market.

The field of personal training is very wide and varied so choosing a target market will help you to narrow down your marketing options. In fact, when it comes to marketing your personal training business, targeting a specific niche market can actually help you to get your business off and running much more quickly.

You can choose between targeting older more mature clients, working with the young, bodybuilders, becoming a weight loss expert or working with those who just want to get fit and improve their lifestyle.

When making your decision there are several questions you need to consider.

How big is the niche I’m considering? What will my competition be like? Do my potential clients have money to pay for my services? Do they care about the services I’m offering?

By simply answering these questions, you can determine if the niche market you want to focus on will be a good fit for you personally and financially.

Ask Yourself – Am I Personal Trainer Material?

As a personal trainer you need to have a certain mindset.

Your work schedule will be very different from many other jobs you’ve had in the past.

This is certainly not a 9-5 career choice. You’ll have to be available when your clients need you. Many will be working in office jobs where they have to get to work early in the morning and they will expect you to be available to train them before work or late in the evening.

Be aware you are going to have to be out of bed well before the sun on a regular basis and expect a big chunk of your weekend time to be absorbed by your clients as well. If you’re okay with the personal trainer schedule, chances are the rest will fall into place.

Having the right personality is another trait of the successful personal trainer.

If you’re timid, shy, or reserved you may not be comfortable bossing people around but if you tend to have an outgoing personality, lots of enthusiasm, patience, charisma, loads of energy, the subject knowledge plus unique teaching and communicating skills, then you’ll be perfect for the job.

Of course, there are many factors to consider when deciding on a career as a personal fitness trainer.
It’s not about how good you look in your fitness clothes or showing off your physical agility.

In fact, it’s not about you at all.

So if you don’t mind slipping into the shadows and becoming a coach, a guide, a confidant, a psychologist and a cheerleader for your clients, you’ll be great at your new life as a personal fitness trainer.

And one last thing, check out this great list of Career Resources from the Australian Institute of Fitness… is guaranteed to get you off on the right foot in your new career as a certified Personal Trainer.

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