1. Find a gym you like

find gym near work Finding the perfect gym for you is simple with Select A Gym.  Our gym locator allows you to easily find gyms near me in the closest proximity to your home or workplace, along with all of the vital details about each club.

We’ve even provided details like price, opening hours and classes available so that you can be 100% confident that your gym will meet your lifestyle and needs.

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2. Claim your free 5-day trial

Free Trial Making a long-term commitment is hard at the best of times!  Select A Gym alleviates the risk of making a commitment blunder, by partnering with gym owners across the country to offer you a unique proposition, a free 5 day no-obligation trial of any participating gym.

All you need to look for is the blue ‘Claim my free gym trial’ button when viewing a page on Select A Gym.   Enter your details and the gym manager will be in touch within one business day to confirm your free trial and welcome you to their club.

3. Hit the gym

Pack your gym bag, fill up your water bottle, grab your training shoes and prepare for an awesome workout! Soon enough you’ll feel less stressed when you get to work, more empowered and have a more rounded work-life balance.

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