When looking for the perfect gym for you and your fitness goals it’s important to research and explore what is available in your local area.  Here we’ve put together a list of some well-known gyms and what benefits you can expect when signing up in your local area. Compare gyms in your area to find your perfect fit.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a global gym with locations across Australia. Your Anytime Fitness membership includes 24/7 access to your local gym, and any gym around the world – so you can exercise conveniently before work, on a holiday, if your location changes frequently or if you’ve moved to a new area!

Anytime Fitness offers a free trial period for you to experience the gym facilities and meet the team and members before you sign up for your Anytime Fitness membership. The Anytime Fitness price is competitive when compared with other gyms across Australia.

Fitness First

Fitness First offers world class facilities, extended open hours, group training options and an expert team of staff always willing to help you reach your fitness goals. Fitness First offers a ‘squad’ of experts with programs designed to fire your passion to smash your fitness boundaries and reach for the next level. Be it a transformation or high performance you’re looking for, Fitness First can offer personalized program plans that will keep you tracking on the road to success.

If this is your first time joining the gym, find a ‘Fitness First near me’ and start with a freestyle group session designed by the Fitness First team to teach basic natural movement in a fast, fun and effective workout style. Fitness first instructors will show you the correct form and where to reach your maximum potential.

Goodlife Health Clubs

Good Life gyms are one of Australia’s largest and most popular health clubs, with more then 270,000 members. Good life gym has a clear purpose, to motivate and move people to achieve great things – no matter what their personal goal is. Goodlife gyms offer a great community with both members and staff becoming part of the Goodlife family.

With over 85 locations across Australia, Goodlife Gyms make it easier to fit gym into your schedule as they were one of the first to offer 24/7 access, since 2015. With a range of flexible and affordable memberships to help you make those first (and often hardest) steps to getting fit and healthy, excuse free.

Jetts Gym

Jetts Gyms are conveniently designed for busy schedules to help people get results without spending hours and hours at the gym. With over 250 Jetts Gyms across the world with 24/7 access, you’ll be able to hit the gym whenever you can. Jetts membership has a no lock in contract so you can create a flexible workout routine to suit your weekly schedule.

Find a ‘Jetts gym near me’ to meet great staff and members, get yourself involved in an active and supportive community to strive towards your health and fitness goals.

World Gym

World Gym started out as a single gym filled with homemade equipment – It has now grown into a global brand of cutting-edge fitness. World Gym aims to offer the very best equipment in a clean, friendly and comfortable atmosphere with expert staff.

Worlds gym offers superior strength equipment, cardio machines, group classes including spin, yoga, kickboxing and boot camp, plus personal training and nutritional advice amongst so much more. Some of the great worldgym locations feature basketball or tennis courts, swimming pools, mixed martial arts studios, saunas and more. Whether you like to work out on the weekend, weeknights or every day like a pro athlete, Worlds Gym is the ultimate fitness destination. Check out your local world gym location to get involved and start your fitness journey today.

Genesis Health and Fitness

Genesis Fitness aims to be a bit different from your typical mainstream muscle’s gyms. While Genesis Fitness offers strength, toning, fitness, wellness and weight-loss benefits for your health, it also offers mindfulness for both soul, mind and body. Genesis gyms focus on creating a positive mindset to achieve your goals and uplift your workspace to inspire and empower.

Genesis has a big focus on comfort and confidence within their spaces, and aims to provide its members with the classes, equipment and training they need to work towards a better lifestyle. Genesis fitness is their core goal, simply helping members to achieve health and wellness. Genesis fitness Australia offers 24/7 access at convenient locations, the latest equipment and workout spaces, coaching, group classes with expert trainers and staff.

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